One tissue sample: Unlimited knowledge

CARTANA is a Swedish Biotechnology company with the mission of equipping researchers with innovative spatial sequencing technology.

Our technology enables researchers from academia and industry to decipher both functions and diseases of the brain, tumors and other organs to much greater depth than previously possible. CARTANA aims to become the leading facilitator for finding and validating new treatment strategies against major diseases.

Our solution is transversal to multiple scientific fields, namely neuroscience, oncology and immunology, and promotes advancements on cellular and molecular biology, disease diagnostics and treatment development.


Optimized Reagent Kits

Straightforward protocol to identify up to 100 genes in one tissue sample



Save time

Send your prepared samples to CARTANA where we will sequence them rapidly with robust results



One step ahead

CARTANA is further developing its in situ sequencing technology and kits for more tissue types


Meet The Team

Malte Kühnemund
Malte KühnemundCEO / Founder
Ph.D., Molecular Medicine, Uppsala University (Sweden).
Oversees company Operations, Financing, Marketing & Sales, Business Development and R&D.
Francesca Bignami
Francesca BignamiCMO / Founder
Ph.D. Candidate, Health Innovations and Bioentrepreneurship, Karolinska Institutet (Sweden).
Oversees Marketing, Financing & Business Development.
Johan Banér
Johan BanérCTO
Ph.D., Molecular Medicine, Uppsala University (Sweden).
Oversees Technology and Core service development, R&D and In Situ Sequencing service facility.
Xiaoyan Qian
Xiaoyan QianCSO / Founder
Ph.D. Candidate, Molecular Biology, Stockholm University (Sweden).

Oversees R&D, Probe design, Assay development, and Image & Data analysis.

Toon Verheyen
Toon VerheyenLead R&D Scientist
Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium).

Oversees R&D and Quality Control.

Jana Laláková
Jana LalákováISS Facility Manager
Ph.D., Biomolecular Chemistry, Masaryk University (Czech Republic).

Oversees In Situ Sequencing service facility and customer projects.

Johanna Stergiadou
Johanna StergiadouTech Assistant
M.Sc., Biomedicine, Karolinska Institutet (Sweden).

Oversees In Situ Sequencing service facility.

Mats Bergstrom
Mats BergstromSales Director
Sales and Customer relations

Iván Hernández
Iván HernándezR&D Scientist
Ph.D., Biochemistry, Stockholm University (Sweden).

Oversees R&D, Probe design and Assay development.

Board of Directors

Anders Nordström, Chairman
 Senior Business Advisor

Mats Nilsson, Ph.D., Professor
Scientific director at SciLifeLab Stockholm

Simon Fredriksson, Ph.D.
 CEO Genagon Therapeutics, Former CEO Olink Biosciences

Nina Forsberg, Ph.D., MBA
Marketing Director at Vironova AB

Pär Nordstrom 
Investment Manager at Almi Invest AB


Sten Linnarsson, Ph.D., Professor
Head of the Single Cell Analysis Facility at SciLifeLab

Jens Hjerling-Leffler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institute

Rongqin Ke, Ph.D., Professor
Huaqiao University

Thomas HaulingPh.D.
University College London

Marco MignardiPh.D.
Biohub CZ San Francisco

Markus Hilscher, Ph.D.
SciLifeLab Stockholm

Our Partners & Collaborators

CARTANA is proud to collaborate with the following companies & organizations:

KI Innovations, Novo Nordisk Foundation, SU Innovation, Vinnova, Science for Life Laboratory & EIT Health.


CARTANA is a young fast-growing biotech company that pioneers the next generation of DNA/RNA sequencing technologies – in-situ sequencing (ISS) directly inside tissue samples, a game-changing research and discovery technology that brings new insights into biology of complex tissues and diseases. CARTANA offers products and services based on research developed at Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm. ISS enables investigation of highly multiplexed gene expression profiles with subcellular resolution and has proved to be a valuable research tool in the fields of neurology and oncology. CARTANA develops and sells reagent kits and offers services for ISS to researchers in academia as well as to the pharmaceutical industry.

There are currently no vacancies available. However, we are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team.

If you wish to be considered for any future positions, please send your CV and cover letter to

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