High Sensitivity Library Preparation Kit

The High Sensitivity (HS) Library Preparation Kit for In Situ Sequencing (ISS) uses a proprietary RNA probing technology  to generate ISS spots of up to 600 genes simultaneously in a single tissue section.


  • Decoding capacity up to 600 genes
  • High sensitivity & High specificity
  • Robustness and reproducibility
  • Functionality in different tissues samples with different preparation methods (Fresh Frozen and FFPE samples)
  • Efficient in all organs and all species
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How it works

1. Select your genes of interest and place an order with CARTANA.

2. Prepare your tissue samples according to the Library Preparation Kit protocol, which will be delivered to your facility.

3. Sequence the prepared samples with CARTANA’s ISS kit or send them to CARTANA’s service facility for sequencing.

HS Library Preparation KIT Performances

Fresh Frozen and FFPE samples

HS Library Preparation Kit works optimally with both tissue preparation methods, providing a similar number and distribution of signals in both cases.

Human Fresh Frozen and FFPE aorta tissue samples from the same patient.

All organs, all species

HS Library Preparation Kit is a robust and universal assay, enabling application of ISS in
multiple research areas and in all species.

Performances of the HS Library Preparation kit on mouse FFPE tissue samples