Library Preparation Kit & Service

  1. Select your genes of interest and place an order with CARTANA.
  2. Prepare your tissue samples according to the Library Preparation Kit protocol, which will be delivered to your facility.
  3. Sequence the prepared samples or send them to CARTANA’s service facility for sequencing.

At CARTANA, we are able to make custom probes to fit your research needs. Get in touch with us to place your order!


Library Preparation Kit: Tissue Cell Mapping

CARTANA’s Library Preparation Kit uses In Situ Sequencing (ISS) technology to provide brain mapping:

  • Identify >100 genes in a single tissue section 

  • Single cell resolution, high throughput and high specificity (subcellular resolution, isoforms, splice variants and mutation identification)

  • Straightforward protocols & responsive customer support

ISS is an unprecedented way of analyzing tissue samples, generating 100 times more data than other commercial techniques.

Sequencing Services

CARTANA offers In Situ Sequencing (ISS) and analysis services, conducted at our in-house sequencing facility.

In Situ Sequencing Service: Perform sample preparation at your laboratory and send the samples to CARTANA, where sequencing and analysis will be done at our in-house sequencing facility.

Full Service: Send your samples to CARTANA, where we will perform all steps from sample preparation to ISS and analysis.

  • Quick results

  • Data analysis and visualisation

  • Concluding summary with comments from our expert team


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