CARTANA is a Swedish Biotechnology company that maps gene expression in tissue via In Situ Sequencing (ISS), the next generation of sequencing technologies.

Our solution enables simultaneous analysis of hundreds of genes within all cells comprising a tissue, without losing tissue morphology, with high specificity and throughput in several research areas.

  • Revolutionary research and biomarker discovery
  • Treatment validation
  • Future diagnostic tool

Neuroscience, Immunology, and Oncology.

CARTANA’s Products and Services

Library Preparation Kit

Select your genes of interest (based on RNAseq or single-cell-RNAseq data) and place an order with CARTANA.

Customized kits based on your selected genes.

Simple protocols.



In Situ Sequencing Service

Results are delivered as a morphological map of gene expression, down to single cell level.

You can scroll through that map, view and compare gene expression of individual cells within different brain regions.

Quick time to result.



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CARTANA’s Technology

In Situ Sequencing technology comprises

  • a new sample & library preparation part,
  • a new probe barcoding design, 
  • a novel sequencing method.

The result is a map of gene expression data of all analyzed genes and their abundance with sub-cellular resolution on top of the natural morphology of the tissue section.


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