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Spatial Single Cell Sequencing of Tissue Samples

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Spatially decode up to 600 genes simultaneously, within morphologically intact tissue samples at single cell resolution.


  • Biomarker Discovery & Validation
  • Molecular Tissue Diagnostic
  • Revolutionizing Research & Discovery
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CARTANA solutions use In Situ Sequencing technology to map the gene expression directly in tissue without losing tissue morphology, in several research areas.

Main features:
  • Decoding capacity more than 600 genes
  • High throughput (10 cm2 (1 million cells) per week per microscope)
  • High specificity (Detect splice variants, mutation and short RNAs)
Products & Services

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CARTANA is nominated as one of the top 50 future companies in the Techarenan Challenge 2020. The Techarenan Challenge is open to all Sweden and Nordic companies in the start-up and growth phase and is aimed at all companies with unique innovation or business concept with potential to commercialised in the global market.
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About Us

CARTANA is a Swedish Biotechnology company that maps gene expression in biological tissue via In Situ Sequencing (ISS), the next generation of sequencing technologies. We equip researchers with our revolutionizing in situ sequencing technology to propel their discoveries.

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