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Build your spatial cell atlas starting with our kits.


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HS Library Preparation kit workflow

STEP 1: HS Library Preparation Kit

  • Decoding capacity up to 600 genes in a single tissue section
  • High sensitivity & specificity
  • High robustness & reproducibility
  • Efficient in different tissue preparations (FF &FFPE)
  • in all organs of different species
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HS Library Preparation Kit

STEP 2: In Situ Sequencing

In Situ Sequencing Kit
  • High Signal-to-noise Ratio
  • Up to 600 genes identified simultaneously with single cell resolution
  • High specificity & read quality
In Situ Sequencing Kit
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In Situ Sequencing Service

Send prepared samples to CARTANA to have your ISS done by our experience scientists!

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STEP 3: ISS Data

Image data generated using the CARTANA ISS kit and fluorescent microscopy is analyzed to decode the identity of the ISS spots, each representing one specific detected RNA transcript.

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Spatial gene expression of brain tissues
close up spatial genes expression of brain
Spatial genes expression expressed as symbols