Our Team & Advisory

At CARTANA we strive to constantly deliver novel and cutting edge technology to equip researchers with revolutionising ISS tools to propel discoveries

Malte Kühnemund

Executive Vice President, Research & Development and Business Development head

Ph.D., Molecular Medicine, Uppsala University (Sweden). Oversees company Operations, Financing, Marketing & Sales, Business Development and R&D.

Johan Banér

Vice President Operations

Ph.D., Molecular Medicine, Uppsala University (Sweden). Oversees technology and core service development, R&D and In Situ Sequencing service facility.


Jessica Östlin

R&D Senior Scientist

Ph.D., Medicine, Uppsala University (Sweden). Oversees R&D and assay development.


Anezka Niesnerova

Laboratory Technician

Mgr., Medical Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics; Masaryk University (Czech Republic). Oversees In Situ Sequencing service facility, customer projects and quality control


Sina Killguss

Marketing Assistant

M.Sc., Biomedicine, Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) & Monash University (Australia). Oversees marketing projects.

Marten Winge


M.Sc. – 30 years of experience from commercialization of life science technology", Co-founder and board member of Olink, chairman Halo Genomics and CEO of Proxeon.

Xiaoyan Qian

R&D Senior Scientist

Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Stockholm University (Sweden). Oversees R&D, probe design, assay development, and image & data analysis.

Iván Hernández

Senior Scientist

Ph.D., Biochemistry, Stockholm University (Sweden). Oversees R&D, probe design and assay development.

Anton Björninen

Scientist Operations

M.Sc., Applied Biotechnology, Uppsala University (Sweden). Oversees In Situ Sequencing service facility, customer projects and quality control.

Johanna Stergiadou

Field Scientist

M.Sc., Biomedicine, Karolinska Institutet (Sweden). Oversees sales and customer relations.


Chief attention seeker

Francesca Bignami

Vice President Marketing

Ph.D., Medicine, Health Innovations and Bioentrepreneurship, Karolinska Institutet (Sweden). Oversees Marketing, Financing & Business Development.

Mats Bergstrom

Vice President Sales

Oversees sales and customer relations.

Toon Verheyen

Senior Scientist

Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). Oversees R&D and quality control.

Jana Lalakova

Senior Scientist Operations

Ph.D., Biomolecular Chemistry, Masaryk University (Czech Republic). Oversees In Situ Sequencing service facility and customer projects.


Morgane Rouault

Senior Applications Scientist

Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France). Oversees technical support and applications.

Board of Directors

Anders Nordström, Chairman
 Senior Business Advisor



Mats Nilsson, Ph.D., Professor
Scientific director at SciLifeLab Stockholm



Simon Fredriksson, Ph.D.
 CEO Genagon Therapeutics, Former CEO Olink Biosciences



Nina Forsberg, Ph.D., MBA
Marketing Director at Vironova AB



Pär Nordstrom 
Investment Manager at Almi Invest AB



Sten LinnarssonPh.D., Professor
Head of the Single Cell Analysis Facility at SciLifeLab



Jens Hjerling-LefflerPh.D.
Associate Professor of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institute



Rongqin KePh.D., Professor
Huaqiao University



Thomas HaulingPh.D.
University College London